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We love celluloid. We love creating content for celluloid and we try to do a very nice job. All of us at LSF bring an overdose of diversity and passion – that we bend backwards while standing on a tightrope to make your project awesome!

It is true that practically anyone can tell a story, but a fine storyteller makes an indelible impression in the audience’s mind. If there is one thing that binds humanity is the strength of stories that we have come across. Imagine a life devoid of such storytellers; there will be nothing to intrigue and enthrall our imagination, to acquaint us with a past and paint our minds with vivacious imagery of future.

We want to be the storytellers of your story! At LSF we are on a perpetual quest to deliver a fine story – tirelessly appreciating nuances and aesthetics and instilling it in all our work!
Oh, and about the name – we all love lime soda :)


Sweet, Salt, Sweet and Salt, what’s your pick?



The secret of getting ahead is getting started
Vaishnavi Sundar

Vaishnavi Sundar

After about 8 years of local and International experience in diverse domains like Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resources, Software, Adventure Sports and Advertising, I have now decided to tell stories using this collective wisdom. Having taught myself cinema, I have learnt to make the right mistakes and to never do them again!

We are now a small team of storytellers, but aim to be big in terms of dreams, creativity, aspirations and collaborations. Just like that, over a pint of lime soda, we meet, laugh, create and conquer!

I have also founded a community for female filmmakers owing to the growing disparity in the industry.
Know more about it here:

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Come say hello to us, share a laugh, talk cinema! We are sure, by the end of it, an amazing collaboration would blossom!
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